Hobby is Just Another Word for Distraction

I’m Kim and currently sun-starved in Seattle. It is the beginning of winter gloom, but luckily it is December. Holiday cheer and bright lights serve as a pleasant distraction from my lack of vitamin D absorption. Festive, over-indulgent parties, full booze and edibles certainly help too. But once December ends, the distractions are few and far between. Yeah, I know: resolutions. Thing is, I don’t really do resolutions.


Sure, they make you feel better about partaking in all those parties. For a bit. But it just seems like a giant shock to your system to suddenly switch gears. That inevitably leads to failure, at least for me, having reached my late twenties without having had found much success with the once a year push for resolve.  I’m really not as pessimistic as this sounds. Really. I am, however, all about finding balance which is why I compete in triathlons and incorporate yoga into my daily routine.


Having a sport or two to focus on forces me to make better choices. Of course I still imbibe (maybe a little too often) in drinks with friends and the occasional late night pizza binge but the rest of the time I am pretty damn adamant about choosing healthy non-processed foods. And not just in January, but ALL year long.


So that brings me back to finding a distraction from winter gloom. Since I incorporate these habits throughout the year, I need something fresh to keep me occupied when it feels like 20 below and all I want to do is huddle under the covers. With my on again, off again dating life, I think it’s time to blog. I know. I’m a little late to the game; who doesn’t have a blog now? But better late than never! Right?


I already love micro-blogging (read: obsessed with Facebook and Twitter), so long form blogging seemed like the logical next step. An outlet for my random thoughts about life, rants about proper nutrition, struggles and triumphs in training, and maybe some juicy details about my  on again, off again dating life.


I’m not sure who will read this, maybe just me. I do hope to spark some inspiration or discussion with others who also feel  like they are navigating their late-twenties blindly but realize that it is possible to at least get through this and sun-deprivation with a positive outlook on what life has to offer.   



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