Party Like an Athlete

Being a twenty-something (I’m NOT 30 yet!) single girl, a crazy night on the town happens more often than not. Seattle is full of fun activities and events that help keep our minds off of the cold. There are stellar events year-round! But all of these events seem to be centered around alcohol. Fine. I’m not one to turn down a good Guinness and/or a shot of Jameson. The problem arises when I have an early training session the following morning. In the moment, it seems way more rewarding to imbibe with my friends rather than call it an early night to get up and keep my work out schedule.In an attempt to enjoy the best of both worlds, I have experimented with different hangover prevention methods and remedies. I have found that prevention is key to avoiding that excruciating nausea inducing migraine the morning after.

Hydration seems like a no-brainer. How can one exist solely on soda or energy drinks (a discussion for another day)? Maybe I have an unnatural attachment to my stainless steel bottle, but being without water drives me batty. One sure way to have an advantage over alcohol is to be hydrated in the first place. I make it my rule to have water in between each drink. One of my favorite things to keep on hand when at home is coconut water. It’s such a great natural way to replenish electrolytes before bed.

Although hydration is the biggest factor for me, I have found that vitamins really pack a punch for recovery. I swear by B12 and Omega 3s with a couple of ibuprofen just before bed. I have read that taking Tylenol is harmful to the liver when mixed with alcohol so I stick with ibuprofen. Waking up hydrated and alert makes these extra steps a must. And just to ensure I do remember to take my little prevention cocktail, I leave it on my night stand right next to my water bottle. Then it is staring me right in the face and I don’t have to take any extra steps when all I want to do is crawl under the covers.

The best part is my workouts usually eliminate any symptoms that may have surfaced. I can wake up feeling foggy but pounding the pavement helps raise my metabolic rate, which helps clear toxins and delivers much needed oxygen to my cells. That alone is motivation to pop out of bed. I know at the end of my run I will be feeling like a champ with no evidence that I partied like a rock star just hours ago.

Sometimes, especially on weekends, I am more lax about prevention and have to face the painful reminder of how much fun I had the night before. In this case breakfast is key, something simple like eggs. I still find that vitamins, coconut water, and ibuprofen work but you just have to get through the suffering while they kick in!

I highly recommend doing research and discovering what works for you, because life is too short to spend in pain, especially self-induced pain.


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