New Year, New Training Season

With a new year comes new optimism and the feeling that you can conquer anything you put your mind to. Why is it that we tend to only focus on improving ourselves one time per year? When you really think about it, each day of the year is an opportunity to begin something new, start fresh, or take a leap into the unknown.

Like the rest of the world, I am beginning something new as well – the 2012 triathlon season! Races can start as early as April and run through fall. I just have to decide which ones I want to compete in. There are endless possibilities all over the U.S. and even more if you want to get fancy by traveling abroad. Perhaps I will one day. Here are some great sites that list tri events:

Amateur Endurance



As far as actual training goes? The sky is the limit. I work better if I have a team to hold me accountable for my training. It gives me a surge of energy to make it to the finish line when my team is screaming their heads off for me to get to the end. There are many options for finding a team or getting support:

Team In Training – My first triathlon was with this great organization. The coaches are dedicated, you get to meet new people, and many of the events enable you to travel. My only gripe was the whole fundraising thing. It’s for a good cause, but I am just terrible at asking people for money. However, this was an amazing way to break into the triathlon experience.

OnTRI – Great online community support. It is an easy way to form a group with other local athletes or just get in touch with others who can offer advice.

TriathlonTraining – Sometimes you just need a coach, someone to help you create the correct workouts and encourage you along the way.

I think my favorite thing about a new triathlon season is that it gives me something to focus on beyond just sweating. It isn’t just going out for a run or attending a yoga class; it is about strategy, timelines, progress, diet and dedication. It is a complicated sport and a very exciting one. Cheers to a new season!



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