Bucket List

The list of things I want to accomplish in life is practically infinite and grows daily. Living in a time where access to information is instant and unlimited means my desires are bigger than my lifespan. And, as the impending age of 30 approaches, I am inspired to actually start accomplishing things on my list rather than just dreaming about them. Life is short and I don’t want to suddenly wake up at 70 wishing I had done more in my youth!

Naturally, for me the easiest place to start is with racing. Travel also ranks high on my list. So why not mix the two? Makes sense to me.

After reading about the 100 Best Triathlons in the World, travel and sport seem to belong together. Now I just have to decide where to go? My top choices are:

The Bali Triathlon

The Mooloolaba Tri in Queensland, Australia

The London Triathlon
The LavaMan Tri in Hawai’i

Then there is my second love, yoga. Yoga plus travel? Pretty sure that equals love. Yoga Worldwide is a wonderful resource for finding retreats. My favorites include:

Yoga & Surf Retreat in Bali with Surf Goddess Retreats (can you tell I really want to go to Bali?)

Morocco or Thailand retreats with Yoga Traveller

Stretching it out with Yoga in Fiji

Speaking of yoga, I would really like to add instructor to my resume, so Yoga teacher training is definitely on the list, too.

I’ve identified a broad span of interests, so I will surely have to prioritize. That being said, I think I’ll start with an attempt to knock just one of them off my list this year.

A few smaller goals I have before 30 are:

Get scuba certified

Go snowshoeing

Grow my own (successful) garden

Go car-free for at least a month

Volunteer with a local non-profit

Volunteer at a race. They work so hard at the races I participate in it would be nice to see a race through a volunteer’s perspective

What are some of your goals this year?


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