Inspirational Athlete – Cheryl Brost

As an adult amateur athlete, it is tough to stay motivated and optimistic about solo workouts when there is no one to share my milestones. Fortunately, there are plenty of athletes to look up to for inspiration when you need it.

I recently heard about Cheryl Brost when talking to a friend about CrossFit. This woman is beyond Super Woman. She is a 40-year-old married mother of two. In the short time I have been aware of her, she has become somewhat of an idol to me. This woman was just named the 7th fittest woman in the world. Yeah. World. And the six women that outrank her? They are about half her age. Just another typical female business owner with a hubby, two kids and oh yeah, she’s the 7th fittest woman in the world. She makes me feel like a slacker.

I have been intrigued by CrossFit for a while now. The intense workouts are not for the faint of heart. It’s painful just to watch, but what really intrigues me is the CrossFit community. Participating on a team is a big priority for this sport, something I feel is incredibly important to any athlete’s success. They’re there to cheer you on, push you past your limits and even pick you up after a rough competition.

Brost says that anyone can do CrossFit.  The oldest person at her gym is about 80! She goes on to say, “The point is to decide how fit you want to be and, with the help of the gym’s coaches, scale the workout to meet that goal. You can start from whatever level of fitness you are — some people can’t run 400 meters when they first come here.” Pretty convincing considering she started as a way to stay fit without getting bored. She has even convinced her husband and two kids to join the CrossFit craze.

I definitely think I will give CrossFit a chance. I love trying new sports. Not only will it be challenging to convince my body to move differently than what it’s used to (I am definitely not a dancer), it makes me appreciate the sports I’m really good at.

Do you have a new sport you are dying to try? Who is your athletic inspiration?


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